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Project Detail

The Creativiva Worldwide Inc. is the international live entertainment production company and producer of creative live performances. They provide spectacular entertainment for every occasion be it a new product launch, live entertainment at hotels and resorts, cruise ship entertainment, performance at shopping mall, corporate events, public events, artistic development, direction, festivals, touring theatricals, corporate events, stage shows, ceremonies, cruise shows and many more.

Client Creativiva


1. Need to target global audiences, including Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, France, China, Singapore, Switzerland, USA, Canada and many more.
2. The keywords chosen are 150+ and they want to rank on first page for all those keywords in their respective locations.
3. No potential content was present on website.
4. The website was not optimized at all.
5. Also found some web design issues.
6. They want to get as much possible organic traffic – not want to spend on paid marketing.


1. To optimize the website through SEO perspective in first month itself.
2. Fixed any web design or on-site issues found within 4 weeks.
3. Try to get ranked for top 10 keywords in 3 month in all locations.
4. Improve the organic traffic of website by atleast 50% in 3 months.

Solutions/Strategies –

1. Performed SEO audit and competitors analysis to find out all the issues.
2. Created location based/targeting landing pages with keyword focused content.
3. Added blogs on their website to get more visitors.
4. Optimized the website to let know Google about our services, to whom these services are offered and where.
5. Performed link building activities to improve keyword ranking.
6. Promoted the performance videos of different platforms to get maximum brand exposure.
7. Suggested PR submissions to client to get recognized in different countries and inform the people about their international services (what Creativiva is offering).
8. Keep the track of competitor’s link building and promotion activities and does the aggressive promotion on social media and other platforms.
9. Optimized the images and videos for social sharing.


1. We get very good organic traffic via link building activities and video promotion.
2. The website was optimized and started getting ranked on Google.
3. Because of adding blogs on website we get new visitors on our website.

Results –

1. The website is getting ranked on first page in Google at different locations.
2. The monthly visitors from all over the globe were increased which improved its organic traffic.
3. Creativiva is known in famous international event entertainers. Performance videos are now getting more views, likes and shares.
4. The website is now user friendly and attracting new visitors on daily basis. We have left behind the competitors.