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7 Ways to Stay Creative With an SEO-Driven Content Strategy

It can be challenging to stay creative with an SEO-driven content strategy because you need new content ideas always. It is not easy to focus only on the standard keywords. Sooner or later, you must find topics that can’t be suggested by a keyword tool. In this article, you can read seven ways to stay creative with your content strategy.

Help Your Target Audience

The most effective marketing strategy in any type of business is helping your target audience and customers. When it comes to SEO, it is even more important to help your target audience because this is why they read your content. If you can’t give them information that they want or can’t communicate with them effectively, your rankings will suffer.

So, helping your customers and your readers are critical and must be a priority. The easiest way to achieve that is to answer questions or provide solutions to their problems. Many keywords are questions of users on the search engines. Google helps you to find these keywords with the featured snippets.

You can type a broad term in Google, and then the search page will include suggested questions of other people on that topic. Most of these questions can become new posts on your website, social media, or YouTube channel.

Effective Marketing Strategy

If you provide the most relevant and accurate answer on a specific question, you may see your website on the featured snippets. This result can generate a lot of traffic for your website.

You can also find questions in other places like forums and Quora. If you feel that a topic can help your target audience, you should create content about it even if you are not sure what is the exact keyword. The chances are that users already type variations of these questions on search engines.

Set Up Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a tool by Google that helps users to get content and news on topics that they like. It was not created for marketers, but we can use it to get content ideas. As a content marketer, you can create alerts to get news, blogs, videos, books, and other types of content.

The process is quite simple as you have to add a keyword and choose a few options. The keyword can be a broad or narrow term. In both cases, you will get many content suggestions. You can choose the source and the frequency of your alerts. Based on your preferences, you will get an email with suggested content.

Google Alerts can help find content ideas because you read other people’s content in your niche. Some of these topics will be good enough for your website. Also, you can find new trends, products, and services that you could not find by yourself.

Before you set up a Google Alert, you see a preview with news and blogs that you will receive. You can create multiple Google Alerts for different keywords with no limitations, so you can get dozens or hundreds of content suggestions in your niche daily.

Interview Experts and Share Their Stories

Interviews always get more views and shares than other types of content if we assume that they add value to the users. If you are the person that takes the interview, you can create a plan with questions that can add tons of value to your target audience.

Of course, you can’t publish new interviews every day, but if you do it occasionally, you can get attention on your website. Many people in your niche want to hear experts and get advice. So, your interviews will get shares on social media and backlinks from other blogs that mention your website as a quality source. At the same time, these interviews will improve your business reputation because you publish valuable content.

You can interview people via video, emails, phone calls, or any other way of communication you want if the experts feel comfortable with that. Then, you can take the content, edit it, and publish it on your website. It is quite easy to break an interview into multiple social media posts and emails as well.

From an SEO perspective, the names of these experts are keywords. Also, many people search for interviews and stories of experts on the internet. So, it is a simple way to get more organic traffic.

Update Your Old Content

There are evergreen topics in most niches that will get traffic for many years. However, parts of these topics change through time. For example, internet marketing is an evergreen topic, but many types of internet marketing are quite different than a few years ago.

When it comes to SEO, Google prefers fresh and updated content. While there is no rule on how often you should update a piece of content, it will lose its rankings if it becomes outdated. Readers that follow your website would love to read your updated posts as well.

So, there are some improvements that you can make regularly. You can add more content, update the stats of your posts, improve readability, and add videos or images. Google will notice and evaluate every new update.

Keep in mind that old content has many backlinks and shares on social media if it was previously on the first page of Google. Every search engine will count all these backlinks, so it will be easier to get on the first page with an old post than a new piece of content.

Engage with Your Audience in Real Life and Online

If you engage with your audience, you will be able to understand their problems, find new content ideas, and create quality content. The good news is that there are multiple ways to communicate with them.

You can start by reading comments on your blog and social media. Most users online have no problem to leave complaints or mention things that they like. In this way, you get constructive feedback about your content and your niche. If they have unanswered questions in your articles, you can create new content that answers them.

For real-life types of communication, you can connect with people from your niche offline or use chats and live videos on the internet. You must use all the available methods and get the best of them.

One of the positives of your engagement with the target audience is that you can figure out trends and keywords before there is any data. Keep in mind that online tools have data that is gathered in the past. Your readers will mention the problems that they have right now.

Get Ideas from Your Existing Content

An article that describes a specific topic has a lot of content. It will mention things that are not analyzed, but they are helpful for your target audience. So, you can use words and phrases that are already in your content to create new articles.

Then, you can add internal links from your older articles to the new ones. This process has a lot of value for SEO. Even if the new topics are not relevant to any keyword, the new content adds value to your website and the articles linked to it. Many of your readers will read the content on the internal links and remain longer on your website.

An example of this method is Wikipedia. It has many internal links on every page, and search engines love it. Internal links are an element that adds value to your content and a Google ranking factor.

Check Your Competitors

You have competitors that follow an SEO-driven content strategy just like you. Some of them will do a good job and figure out ways to discover new content ideas. You can check their content regularly and consider if you can create something better than them.

Your competitors already check your website, whether you like it or not. The internet is available to everyone, so we need to use all the information. Of course, you should not copy anyone but have your own voice. When a competitor creates good content, you can give your opinion on the same topic or write something different.

Most internet marketers check experts in their niche. They listen to their advice and try to apply their techniques. However, they have a hard time to recognize the good points of a competitor at their level. There is no reason to lose opportunities. Check competitive websites and get ideas when possible.


It is possible to stay creative with an SEO content strategy for years if you follow the tips above. Your problems will become your content ideas when you are focused on helping your readers and customers. Also, your suggestions will be solutions to these problems.

If you feel stuck to this process, you can always ask for help. Some experts can help with these tasks and hiring a content marketing agency can be an all-in-one solution for your business.